Helix Giant Gradient - Goth Girl - Infinite Twist

Helix Giant Gradient Yarn - Goth Girl - Fuchia Plum Black

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Goth Girl is a continuous hand-dyed, one-of-a-kind gradient starting with brilliant pink, continuing through scarlet, burgundy, plum, and culminating in purple.

This gradient is dyed on the Helix base. Helix is Sport Weight, 100% Merino wool, and spun into a two-ply structure. 700 yd / 640 m / 240 g.

The dyeing technique I use to make gradients delivers brilliant and saturated colors in a range of variegated, speckled, and semi-solid effects. Each new shade of the gradient brings something new to your needles.

Wondering what to make with this gradient? You have lots of great options! Please visit the Pattern Library

If you'd like extra yarn to make a larger project, I'm happy to custom dye whatever coordinating yarn you need. Questions? Email me at cate@infinitetwist.com