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StashFit Workbook

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If you’d like to have a functional and beautiful yarn stash that brings you joy and accurately reflects what you love to knit, this downloadable pdf workbook is for you!

StashFit offers step-by step guidance to optimize your stash. No yarn diets, not harsh prescriptions. Just easy-to-follow guidance to help you make the most of what you already have, and figure out what smart additions to you stash will help you get the most out of your knitting.

StashFit contains 10 exercises to help you:

  • Discern the kinds of projects that make you happiest, 

  • Figure out how much yarn you'll use in a year,

  • Capture and prepare to knit projects you've been dreaming of, 

  • Organize your yarn into ready-to-knit kits,

  • Make a pocket-sized yarn album to use as a guide to manage and develop your stash to deliver maximum happiness.

StashFit is delivering fantastic results for knitters. See before and after photos on Ravelry here: