Twin Gradient - Harvest - Infinite Twist

Twin Gradient Yarn - Harvest - Yellow, Gold, Sienna

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Twin Gradients are pairs of perfectly matching 300 y / 100 g gradient cakes dyed on the Helix SuperWash base - 80% SuperWash wool / 20% nylon, 2-ply structure, Sport weight - 600 y / 200 g in all.

Harvest is a continuous gradient celebrating the warm colors of wheat fields. Starting with vivid lemon yellow, continuing through buttery chrome yellow and gold, and culminating in henna and burnt sienna.

The dyeing technique I use to make gradients delivers brilliant and saturated colors in a range of variegated, speckled, and semi-solid effects. Each new shade of the gradient brings something new to your needles.

Wondering what to make with this yarn?

You can use this cake plus a 710 y / 240 g of Helix to make the Uroko Shawl (shown in red-orange), Sashiko Wrap (shown in pink-purple), or the Rothko Wrap (shown in green). All three patterns are free in the pattern library.

Custom-dyed 710 y / 240 g skeins of Helix are available to go with your gradients for $37. Please email me at to select a color!